Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing

Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing

Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing Graffiti & Street Art Clothing

Graffiti & Street Art Inspired Hats & Caps

We hand paint hats, caps, shoes, surfboards, skateboards, turntables and anything else you want customised. All of our hand painted items are one off limited edition pieces, never to be duplicated or replicated. We’ve painted on all different hat styles from basic foam & mesh trucker hats, New Era 57Fifty fitted caps, Mitchell & Ness hats to Flexfit, Yupoong fitteds & UK hat manufacturer Underground Kulture’s New Era style snapbacks. Pistache artists are custom graffiti creators & we can hand paint hats or caps with your name, company logo or any other design that you want, please contact us to find out more about custom orders. We can also film a video of your cap being painted and post it on our youtube channel. Some of our videos have had 100,000s of views, which might be a useful marketing tool if you want to promote yourself or your band, company or brand.

We can also supply you with all the necessary products to paint your own hat. Send us a message to find out more about what blank hats, pens, inks and fixing sprays that we use. A custom painted graffiti hat is also the perfect gift for someone who wants to stand out from the crowd. You can find more photos and videos of limited edition hats and caps that we have painted since 2003 on our social media sites like youtube, flickr, twitter & tumblr. We hope you can see how much hard work we’ve put in to become one of the top hat customizers in the world.

Surfboard Painting – Surf Art

Paintin Surfboards - Surf Art

Paintin Surfboards - Surf Art

We’ve been painting hundreds of hats, shoes and skateboards since we launched Pistache in 2003. So a few yeas ago, we thought it was time to start painting on a new canvas, the surfboard. From the summer of 2014, we’re going to be running Surfboard Painting Workshops at Quiksliver’s HQ in St Jean De Luz, France. We also have a selection of hand painted surfboards on display in the Quiksilver Boardriders Store in Biarritz. Check out this short timelapse film showing Nick @ Pistache doing his thing. You might not have realised all the hard (but fun) work that goes into hand painting a surfboard. We’ve painted boards for ASP Pro Surfers like Paige Hareb & Bec Woods, our sponsored teamrider Emilien Fleury (current French #1 Pro Longboarder)  as well as friends/clients like David Wallas, Fifi and FX. You can also get your surfboards hand painted by us in-store if you have your board shaped by any of the legendary shapers at Euroglass (Europe’s largest shaping factory). At Euroglass, you can have a board shaped by Phil Grace, Mark Phipps, Simon Anderson (inventor of the thruster), Christiaan Bradley & Brett Warner then painted by us.

Painting Surfboards - Surf Art

Pistache x Happy Ghetto Collab Artwork

Pistache x Happy Ghetto T-Shirts  Pistache x Happy Ghetto T-Shirts

As part of our 10th Anniversary Collection, we’ve done an art collab project with our old friend Daz aka The Happy Ghetto. There’s t-shirts, art prints, videos and more for your enjoyment. As usual with Pistache, everything is hand printed by us and created in Limited runs. All the tees features the Happy Ghetto version of the Pistache Ice Cream logo and hand printed tags, as well as all the usual extra stuff you expect when you order from Pistache. You can find the whole collection as well as our other new products for sale now at our Online Store.

Keep your eyes open for opportunities to win some very limited edition Pistache x Happy Ghetto freebies by Subscribing to Pistache. You can also contact us for custom orders of Pistache x Happy Ghetto products.

Pistache x Happy Ghetto T-Shirts  Pistache x Happy Ghetto T-Shirts

Who are the Pistache Artists?

Graffiti & Street Artists

Pistache is the artistic expression of our journey through life. We’re 2 brothers, Nick & Jamie and we’ve been making art ever since we can remember, that’s what we love to do.  We’re influenced by things that don’t fit nicely in some little box that you can put a label on, so a lot of people can’t understand what we are about, but we don’t care….. For instance, we’ve been involved in the UK Hip Hop scene since the early 90s and also been surfing around the Biarritz area since the 80s. We’re also deeply involved in basketball, street art, martial arts, graffiti, skateboarding as well as art in all it’s forms. Click this link for the full story about Pistache and what we do. Look out for our infamous ice cream logo on t-shirts and stickers near you.

Learn How to Screen Print on Holiday in S.W. France with Pistache

How To Screen Print Art Holidays France

We run residential courses in screen printing in a private print workshop in S.W. France. Our courses include 6 hours of tuition per day, lodgings in a beautiful French farmhouse, all meals & drinks & all the equipment you will need for the course. We also run courses in drawing, painting & customizing hats, shoes & clothing. For bookings, availability or more information, follow this link How To Screen Print or Contact Us & we will reply asap. We look forward to printing some t-shirts or fabrics with you. We offer 3 day courses (£395) and 6 day courses (£795).

Learn How To Make Clothes, How To Screen Print & How To Paint Shoes

How To Graffiti Shoes How To Graffiti Hats How To Cut Up T-Shirts How To Screen Print

Click on the hand drawn icons above if you want to learn how to make clothes, how to screen print, how to paint shoes or how to cut t-shirts. We update the site with new fashion categories and posts as often as possible (when we’re not screen printing t-shirts), so make sure you subscribe to get our latest updates. Send us a message if there’s a fashion category that you think should be added to the site.

Although we’ve made limited edition skateboards, art prints, mixtapes and collectables, our main focus as a company has always been fashion. Before we started Pistache, we worked for all kinds of fashion brands, both large and small, like American Apparel, Quiksilver, Moist, KT & Paul & Legends Boardriders. This gave us an insight into how to run a clothing brand, we saw what works and what doesn’t.

Our focus has always been to create clothing that people can mix with their own style. We don’t want to see people dressed from head to toe in Pistache. We don’t care what style you’re into, hip hop, surfing, hippy or punk. Whatever you like, you’ll find our clothing & online fashion tutorials will help you get the most out of your style.

Learn How To Draw, How To Do Graffiti & How To Take Photos

Click on the hand drawn icons above if you want to learn new art skills like how to draw manga, how to do graffiti or how to take photos. We update the site with new categories and posts all the time, so make sure you subscribe to get the latest updates. Send us a message if there’s an art category that you think should be added to the site.

We’ve been painting, drawing, taking photos & doing all sorts of arty things since we were tiny. What we’ve learned along the way is that there is no right and wrong way to create art, it’s all down to personal taste. We love graffiti and take photos of it whenever we can, but we also accept that some people (with 3 thumbs) think graffiti is the work of the devil.

If you want to create good art, you need to create a lot of it. If you end up being happy with 30% of your work, you’ve done a good job. even great artists sometimes painted total rubbish.

Learn How To Make Music, How To Rap & How To DJ

How To Graffiti How To Create Skate Art How To Draw Manga How To Take Photos

How To DJ How To Rap How To Virtual DJ How To Make Hip Hop Beats

Click on the hand drawn icons above if you want to learn how to make music, how to rap or how to dj. We add new posts and categories all the time, so make sure you subscribe or come back soon. Send us a message if there’s a music category that you’d like to see added to the site. We’ve got tutorials & videos from some of the best rappers, producers and djs in the world.

In the early to mid 90s, Nick from Pistache was in UK hip hop group ‘Dupa Styles’ (with Yungun, Devise & Harry Love among others), he was also an emcee with pirate radio station Parlay FM. These connections spread like snake venom in the blood, and before we knew it, Pistache was making clothes for all sorts of uk hip hop artists, deejays and musicians like Mr.Thing, DJ Vadim, Yungun, DJ MK, Yarah Bravo, DJ Excalibah, Jehst, The Infadels, Soweto Kinch, Spin Doctor, Asaviour, Doc Brown, Mark De Clive Lowe, Nigel NK, MC Wrec, Tommy Evans, Evil Ed, Verb T, DJ IQ, GTA, Chima Anya, DJ Stirfry, DJ Kojak & Infinite Potential. Jamie from Pistache was living in London with Marc from ‘Mums The Word Music Group’, who introduced him to all sorts of musicians like Guru (Gangstarr), LSK and The Nextmen.

Pistache then released it’s 1st mixtape ‘Beats’n’Rhymes Vol.1′ mixed by DJ IQ in 2005. The mixtape featured UK hip hop artists Yungun, Klashnekoff, Harry Love, Mr Thing, Kyza, Asaviour, Braintax, Lowkey, Blade, Doc Brown, Tommy Evans, Reveal, Stylah, Yogi, Rukus, Ty, Verb T, Confuscius, Eric Lau, Genesis Elijah, L Roneous, DJ IQ, Kashmere, Mr Tibbs, Devise, Infinite Potential, Amber MC, Twisted Link, Wordsmith, GTA, Brotherman & Solisai as well as US Hip Hop legends KRS1, Chuck D & Immortal Technique. Look out for exclusive new releases in the ‘Pistache Presents’ series.

All this gave us an insight into the world of real music, how Harry Love makes a classic beat, how Yungun writes a verse & how Mr.Thing stayed dedicated enough to his craft to win a DMC DJ World Title. So, before you get dreams about becoming the world’s best deejay or emcee, remember it’s all about how much practice you put in.

Pistache x Eva Lazarus Photos

Eva Lazarus 4 Pistache

Featured Video – Hand Drawn Hat by Pistache

In this Featured Video, Nick @ Pistache is drawing a custom graffiti fitted hat for the TV show ‘No Hats No Trainers’. The blank fitted style hat was supplied by our friends at Underground Kulture and we use Uni Posca & Molotow One4All inks and pens. You can find more How To Graffiti Hats tutorial videos from Pistache on this site. Check back soon for a new Featured Video from Pistache.

Making Waves For Alex T-Shirts

Making Waves For Alex Womens T-Shirt Making Waves For Alex Mens T-Shirt


This is a limited edition crew neck t-shirt featuring a 1 colour screen print of the ‘Making Waves For Alex’ logo (that we created) on the front. Screen printed by hand by Pistache using high durability eco-friendly water based inks. Produced in humane, ethical & lawful conditions.

Alex Wood suffered a severe brain injury which has left him needing constant care. Simple things like walking, talking & eating are now very difficult for him. Alex is like a brother to us, so we decided to try and help out as much as we can by raising funds for him rehabilitation. So, please buy this t-shirt from our Online Store & help Alex & his family. If you don’t have the money to buy a t-shirt, please share this page & spread the word about ‘Making Waves For Alex’. Please click this link if you want to read more about Making Waves For Alex