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HOW TO GRAFFITI HATS #10 (Underground Kulture Blank Fitteds & Snapbacks)

Underground Kulture Fitted & Snapback Hats

How To Graffiti Hats #10 – When we draw a fresh batch of limited edition fitted or snapback hats, the 1st thing we do is get in touch with our friends at Underground Kulture and get stocked out. The hats in the pictures are strictly  limited edition (of 1) hats that we have drawn for Underground Kulture. They are a UK based company who manufacture their own brand of fitted and snapback hats. We get loads of e-mails and youtube messages asking us what hats we use and we don’t have the time to reply to everyone, so if you’re looking for New Era style blank hats at a much better price, now you know where to go.

Here’s a quick quote from their website – ‘Underground Kulture pride ourselves on having the freshest designs with our own unique spin on things. Formed in 2008, with the aim of bringing Underground Kulture to be a recognised and reputable brand. Our creative team set about designing a range of head wear inspired by what we know and love, taking inspiration from the underground Hip-Hop scene, the graffiti world & other urban aspects. This now “classic” range proved to be very successful, firmly putting Underground Kulture on the map.’…

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HOW TO GRAFFITI #11 (Henry Chalfant Subway Art Re-Issue Interview)

How To Graffiti Lesson #11 – We’ve written another post on here about Martha Cooper in the photography section. She wrote and photographed a book called ‘Subway Art’ with Henry Chalfant. This book became the graffiti bible for anyone (like us) born in the 70s and early 80s who wanted to know more about graffiti and hip hop culture. This book was re-issued to celebrate it’s 25 Anniversary in a larger format with some nice extras in there as well. Henry will go down in history as one of the most important figures in hip hop culture. Have a look for other books by Henry, like Spraycan Art, and also some of his limited edition screen prints as well. Hint – The book will go down in history as the most stolen book in 1984, but don’t steal your copy, go out and buy one, support real hip hop culture.…

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HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS #8 (Martha Cooper Graffiti Photographer Interview)

How To Take Photos Lesson #8 – Aside from being a talented photographer, Martha Cooper is one of the most important people in the history of hip hop and graffiti culture. From the 1980s onwards, she took photos and documented the rise of graffiti art from it’s humble beginnings in New York city. She has also had several books published including the legendary ‘Subway Art’ & ‘R.I.P. New York Spraycan Memorials’. These books were a major inspiration to a generation of kids (like us) who were hungry for more information and photos of graffiti. Hint – Martha was smart enough to see that this cultur…

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HOW TO GRAFFITI SHOES #8 (King of Sneakers Nike Dunk Green Lantern Tutorial)

How To Graffiti Shoes Lesson #8 – In this tutorial video, King Of Sneakers shows you how to paint a custom pair of Nike Dunks with the infamous Green Lantern Logo and colourway. Hint – If you are going to use Angelus paint on your sneakers make sure you use a good quality sable brush so that you don’t get as many brush marks on your shoes. You can always use paint pens like Molotow One4All or Uni Posca as well if you like.…

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HOW TO GRAFFITI SHOES #7 (Jacob Patterson Customizing Leather Sneakers Tutorial)

How To Graffiti Shoes Lesson #7 – This tutorial video features Jacob Patterson showing you how to customize a pair of leathers shoes. Jacob’s video also has a helpful checklist for everything that you’ll need right near the beginning. Hint – To paint on leather you need to use the correct paint to get a good finish, you can use basic acrylic, but it won’t give you the same finish or durability as Angelus or Molotow One4All paints will.…

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