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HOW TO MAKE SKATE ART & VIDEOS #7 (Death Skateboards ‘Making of’ Documentary)

How To Make Skate Art & Videos #7 – Death skateboards is a UK based skate company that started life back in 1998. Death’s founder & creator was/is Nick Zorlac, who started it after getting burnt out working for a skate distribution company. This video is a quick insight into the team and how they put together a new skate video. This video release is called Ordinary Madness. We like Death Skates for a couple of reasons… 1) They come from the same area as we do, and we used to skate at Harrow from time to time. 2) Nick had the balls to get out there and start his own company instead of being told what to do by other people, just like us. Hint – If you’re sick of being told what to do by your boss, get out there and do your own thing, you only live once (depending on your religious views of course).…

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HOW TO RAP #9 (Essa Devise UK Hip Hop Rappertag)

How To Rap #9 – We might be a bit biased, but this is some of the sickest hip hop out there, none of that fake hip hop sh*t that’s all over the place at the moment. This is raw from London’s finest, Essa & Devise. If you don’t know the name Essa, but you recognise the voice, he is the artist formerly known as Yungun. Devise is the illest MC that you never heard of, unless you really know your hip hop. We are very proud to say that both of them have been close friends of ours for years. Nick from Pistache was an MC with these boys in the group Dupa Styles & of course Essa’s t-shirt in the video was printed by us. Hint – If you want to learn how to rap, you can do a lot worse than check out rappertag, which features some of the finest MCs from the UK Hip Hop scene.…

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HOW TO RAP #8 (Essa Verb T Mystro UK Hip Hop Emcees)

How To Rap #8 – Yeah, we’re gonna say it, UK Hip Hop is easily as good as US Hip Hop. If you want to learn how to rap, listen to this track and take notes. It features UK emcee legends Essa (aka Yungun), Verb T & Mystro. The sick beats are provided by the UK’s finest producer Harry Love. If any of these names are new to you, it’s time to get serious about your hip hop knowledge. Hint – UK Hip Hop has a lot of history behind it, so start digging in those crates for some of the classics from the 80s and 90s. Also look out for Pistache tees and hoodies making regular appearances in these guys music videos.…

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