Drawing Tips Graffiti Alphabet Japanese Sketch DrawingWhen you get involved in as many art and design projects as we do with Pistache, you’re going to have drawings and sketches all over the place. Some are preparation work for painting hats, shoes, surfboards and skateboards in neat sketchbooks. Others are just quick dreamy drawings of ideas and fantasies on rough bits of paper that end up getting coffee stains on them. Other drawings are so bad that they end up as shopping lists. We don’t even want to think about how many t-shirt design drawings we’ve done for ourselves and other clients since we started in 2003. We’ve done our fair share of logo design for different companies, clubs and friends starting up their own businesses.

How To Draw Girls Graffiti Drawingssugar-skull-drawing drawing-wolf Pencil Sketch Drawing Sketches Drawing Sketches How To DrawWe’ve also got folders full of work we did at art school and even before that. We probably need to get in some unlucky work experience kid to sort out all those drawings for us, we just don’t have the time. So, this is just a very very brief selection of some of the good, the bad and the ugly drawings that we’ve done over the years. There are also a lot of people out there who think that there are rules to drawing, a lot of them need to free their minds and start thinking outside the box.

Drawing Graffiti Drawings Graffiti Drawings Graffiti Alphabet Drawing Robots Graffiti Art Drawing Girls Art Drawing Graffiti Art Drawings How To Draw Girls Paint Shoes Drawing Sketches Drawing Sketches Drawing Sketches Graffiti ArtWe also accept commissions to do drawings of something or someone that you need to see in pencil and ink on paper. Have a look at our portraits page if you’re interested in seeing some of the finer artwork that we produce. If you want us to do a drawing for you, please get in touch via email info[at]pistache.co.uk

How To Draw DrawingsWhen we create t-shirt graphics, logos and other design projects, we often use a mix of hand drawn and computer generated processes to get a final design. We use Photoshop, Illustrator and a Bamboo Pen tablet all the time for graphics like you can see in the design of this website and on this page. But when we say that drawings are 100% done by our hands, rest assured it has been drawn with blood, sweat and beers.

How To Draw Drawing Sketches Graffiti Drawings

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