HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS #2 (Estevan Oriol Short Documentary)

How To Take Photos Lesson #2 – Just like Ricky Powell (see Lesson #1), Estevan Oriol is another master of environmental portrait’ photography. You don’t have to go to art school to become a great photographer, just take loads of photos and then work out why the good ones turned out that way. Estevan started off as a night club bouncer and later became the tour manager for hip hop acts like House Of Pain & Cypress Hill. This earned him a lot of credibility on the hip hop scene, which in turn allowed him access to the worlds of gang and celebrity culture. Since then he’s shot photos and directed music videos for artists and musicians like Eminem, Method Man, The Game, Dennis Hopper, Blink 182, Mena Suvari, Bas Rutten, Forest Whittaker, Michael Madsen & Lou Ferrigno. Hint – If you can afford one, invest in a digital SLR camera. Brands like Olympus sell reasonably priced digital SLRs with zoom lenses included in the price. If you can’t afford one, buy a decent compact camera. The image quality won’t be as good, but at least you’ll be able to practice your skills.

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