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Shoe ArtPistache hand painted graffiti shoes can be painted with you design, name or logo. The best shoes to paint are light coloured canvas shoes like Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars or Vans Classic Slip-On shoes. We have stock of most sizes (unless you have Shaq size feet) in All Star style plain white sneakers. You can also send us a pair of your own sneakers that you want turned into Pistache graffiti shoes. For more information about commissioning a custom pair of kicks, please contact us via email info[at]

Shoe Art Graffiti ShoesFor a super clean finish, we use the same Posca pens that we use to paint hats, surfboards, shoes and motorbike helmets. The best artwork for your graffiti shoes is something with vivid colours and bold linework. You don’t have to give us a full detail drawing, that is part of our service. We can also paint portraits, but the design area on most shoes is quite small, so there is a limited amount of detail that can be added. Having said that, we can paint almost anything on a pair of shoes for you.

Graffiti Shoes We can also hand paint other shoes like Air Jordans, Supras or other shoes, but they don’t always have large clear surfaces to paint detailed designs. These type of shoes can be painted with different effects or have the colourways changed. Whatever design you have painted on your shoes, it’s going to wear off if you don’t look after them properly. Know your shoe types, never wash shoes with air bubbles in a machine. Of course, if you have hand painted graffiti shoes by Pistache, you should never even think about washing them in a machine. Click this link for more information about Sneaker Care. You need to know what to do if you’re like ‘Buggin Out’ when he gets his Air Jordan IVs scuffed.

Shoe ArtGraffiti Shoes

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