HOW TO TAKE PHOTOS #1 (Ricky Powell Short Documentary)

How to Take Photos Lesson #1 – Your photography training starts with 10 mins in the mind of the legendary Ricky Powell, the master of ‘environmental portrait’ photography. He’s taken photos of everyone from Jean Michel Basquiat to Cindy Crawford, Andy Warhol, Run DMC, Flava Flav, Madonna…. The list goes on. He’s most famous for his work with the Beastie Boys. His public access show ‘Rappin’ with the Rickster’ made Powell the face of New York’s downtown party scene. Guests on the show included Harold Hunter, Russell Simmons, Sofia Coppola, Sonic Youth & Kool Keith. Hint – To get the best portrait shots, be like Ricky and always have your camera. That’s how he got his famous shot of Cindy Crawford. Also, as a basic rule,  if you’re using a digital camera, use the portrait setting instead of the auto setting.

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